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    Ludwig, Kirk


    The Mind–Body Problem: An Overview

    "The reason the mind–body problem does not go away, despite our being clear about the options in responding to it, is because of the constant battle between common sense, which favors the view that the mental is a basic feature of reality, and the pull to see it as an authoritative deliverance of science that this is not so. We find ourselves constantly pulled between these two poles, unable to see our minds as nothing over and above the physical, unwilling to see the universe as containing anything not explicable ultimately in terms of its basic, apparently non-mental, constituents."
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    Moody, Todd


    Consciousness and Complexity

    "The most fundamental question that can be asked about consciousness is why it exists at all. Once asked, that question splits into two related questions: What causes consciousness, and what is it for? And it must be conceded at the outset that we don't know the answer to either question. Perhaps that should be the end of it, but of course it isn't, because we know enough to realize that both questions are not only unanswered but harder to answer, even in principle, than they may at first seem to be. At least one philosopher has argued that they are unanswerable by beings like us. I am not certain that he is right, but even if he is not, I don't think he overestimates the difficulty of the problems by much."