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info.gif Faith: "Within Christianity, that attitude of trust in God, including beliefs about God and his goodness, that is essential to a right relationship with God. Many theologians regard faith as including various dimensions, including trust, propositional belief and a willingness to act obediently. More loosely, the term is used for any set of religious commitments or even secular commitments, as with the person who has faith in psychoanalysis or Marxism. Also used as a synonym for religion, as in 'the world’s major faiths.'"
info.gif Reason: "The faculty or power that allows humans to think or deliberate, to see the connections between propositions and draw proper inferences. Reason can be taken in a narrow or a broad sense. In the narrow sense reason is often contrasted with sensation and memory as the power to make inferences, and truths that are known by reason are those that are known a priori or purely by reflection. In a broader sense reason refers to the human faculties that make knowledge possible, including memory and sensation."

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