Chaos Theory

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    Craven, Bruce


    Are God's Actions Hidden in Chaos?

    "Many physical systems are extremely sensitive to initial conditions, so that a small unobserved input can produce large consequences later, and moreoever can behave in a seemingly random way. Perhaps God intervenes in His creation by such small inputs, without violating the regularities that we call physical laws. The world may be less deterministic, and more open to the future, than many suppose."
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    Davis, John Jefferson


    Theological Reflections on Chaos Theory

    "This paper reviews the historical origins of chaos theory and some of its key features, and then reflects theologically on the implications of this theory for a Christian view of the world. It is argued that chaos theory does not represent a threat to Christian faith, but in fact provides new ways of understanding the richness and complexity of God's creative work and providential ordering of the physical universe."